Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Love Bugs

I know it was like a week ago,
But I'm a slacker.
And I totally flaked on posting my Valentines Project.
So, regardless of it's tardiness.
Here it is....
I knew I wanted to get the kids goodie bags for their Valentines Day loot.
And I found some super-cute ones at Wal-mart...but they were $10 a piece!
So, I made these treat bags for my little love bugs!
Jordan's "Woo-woo"
he began his life as 2 hearts cut from felt (the dog, not Jordan) hehe

and then the rest was just cut from felt and hot-glued
And a ribbon handle to top it all off
And Hannah's lady Bug:

Same basic concept, 2 felt heart hearts, felt shapes for features, ribbon for buggy legs,
and the good "ol glue gun

Then I added their names with fabric paint

and the goodies!

And then I hid them in the breadbox!

They loved their little bags. (Jake will get his next own next year)
And I love that they were quick, easy, cheap, and can be stored easily till next year!
Hope you enjoyed Valentines Day with your little Love bugs too!

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