Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Mean Mama

As I write this, I'm doing the "mean mama" thing with Jake. Dont worry people..it's not as serious as it sounds! You see, Jacob is a Mama's boy (as was Jordan), and he has gotten to the point that he doesn't want to sleep unless I'm holding him (or feeding him..ouch!) And it's just time for me to put a stop to it. Which means putting him down in his crib, and walking away. It kills me, I hate it, makes me feel like a mean mama. I did this with Jordan too. The first night, he screamed for 3 hours straight! The second night, for probly 2 hours. The third night, about 30 minutes. And from then on, he was just fine all by himself. So, I know it's gonna be ok eventually. Right now it just sucks. Sorry Jake.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Love Bugs

I know it was like a week ago,
But I'm a slacker.
And I totally flaked on posting my Valentines Project.
So, regardless of it's tardiness.
Here it is....
I knew I wanted to get the kids goodie bags for their Valentines Day loot.
And I found some super-cute ones at Wal-mart...but they were $10 a piece!
So, I made these treat bags for my little love bugs!
Jordan's "Woo-woo"
he began his life as 2 hearts cut from felt (the dog, not Jordan) hehe

and then the rest was just cut from felt and hot-glued
And a ribbon handle to top it all off
And Hannah's lady Bug:

Same basic concept, 2 felt heart hearts, felt shapes for features, ribbon for buggy legs,
and the good "ol glue gun

Then I added their names with fabric paint

and the goodies!

And then I hid them in the breadbox!

They loved their little bags. (Jake will get his next own next year)
And I love that they were quick, easy, cheap, and can be stored easily till next year!
Hope you enjoyed Valentines Day with your little Love bugs too!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

WHOOO loves fall? ME!

Fall is my favorite time of year.
The weather is gerogeous!
Waaay less heat and wind! (NM is notorious for this)
Great decorations!
Here's the wreath I made for our front door...
I kinda have a thing for owls lately.
And I love these teenie clothespins!

I'm liking up here:

Friday, September 23, 2011

Its RE-Donkulous!

There are many many crazy, wild and totally out-of-control aspects of my life!
Soooo, instead of trying to pretend that my house/kids/life are all perfect and hunky-dorey
I decided to show the world (or atleast my blog) the re-donkulous stuff that happends around here!
Here's episode 1 of "Its RE-Donkulous"!
Starring.....my truck!
(I forgot to take a pic of it before I started...this is what he looks like...only cleaner)
ps. My Truck's name is Clifford (cuz he's big and RED get it?) =0)
And this my dear friends is what I cleaned out of my truck

LOTS of junk!



(there are 12 socks in here...not all matching)

3 Diaper bags!

and some totally random stuff.

(how does a clothespin end up in my truck?)


Monday, September 19, 2011

I Wanna Bu-Bye!

This is my sweet Baby J.
He's Silly,
and a little crazy,
and is a tiny blonde version of his daddy!
I love him so!
And this just happens to be his favorite game!
He says "I wanna bu-Bye!" and then runs to the pantry.
Did I mention that I totally love this Boy!?

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Hit that Pinata baby!

We had a super CRAZY Weekend!
My sweet baby girl had her first soccer game...
Followed by a birthday party for a sweet cousin.
I dont have pix of the party, but I got some of the loot!
And yes, I'm the type of mom who steals all of the candy that my kiddos got from the Pinata!
And yes, I do it because candy is bad for them
and I'm protecting them
from cavities,
and artificial colors,
I just wanted it!
Tiny snickers in the freezer! YUMMY!

Thursday, September 8, 2011


Well...as you can see, theres not a whole lot going on right now.
BUT, I'm working on it!
Somewhere between Naptimes and Cartoons on PBS...
maybe I'll get a chance to do a real post.