Friday, September 23, 2011

Its RE-Donkulous!

There are many many crazy, wild and totally out-of-control aspects of my life!
Soooo, instead of trying to pretend that my house/kids/life are all perfect and hunky-dorey
I decided to show the world (or atleast my blog) the re-donkulous stuff that happends around here!
Here's episode 1 of "Its RE-Donkulous"! truck!
(I forgot to take a pic of it before I started...this is what he looks like...only cleaner)
ps. My Truck's name is Clifford (cuz he's big and RED get it?) =0)
And this my dear friends is what I cleaned out of my truck

LOTS of junk!



(there are 12 socks in here...not all matching)

3 Diaper bags!

and some totally random stuff.

(how does a clothespin end up in my truck?)


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